Feminist In Pornography

Becky Goldberg’s documentary Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography takes a rare and empowering look into the pornography industry and feminist community to see how they intertwine within the politics and poetics of female sexuality.   It profiles women who are committed to making and supporting pornography that includes their feminist values and will go up against an entire industry, stereotypes, and sexism to get what they want.  The film screens internationally at film festivals, winning Best Documentary Short at the Boston Underground Film Festival, Best of Fest for the Lost Film Festival, and an Audience Choice Award at the CineKink Film Festival.  It has also garnered a Haig Manoogian Production Grant, Chicago Underground Film Fund Grant, and is distributed by National Film Network.  Becky tours universities across the country screening and speaking about filmmaking, activism, the pornography industry, and feminism.  She was featured in the book $30 Film School, a how-to manual for independent filmmakers.  She also works as a film and television editor working for companies such as MTV, VH1, and the Food Network. Check Out The Video HERE.