Magician, Comedian, Aaasian: Joseph Tran

Joseph’s highly energetic, physical blend of comedy and magic is both smart and fresh – the kind of thing that keeps being put on the internet by enthusiastic audiences trying to share the experience*!  His show features original, fast-paced routines that will baffle and mesmerize, and humor only a western-born Asian with eastern-born parents could tell!

Joseph’s college magic shows always leave a great lasting impression – you’ll likely hear his trademark “Aaasian!” war-cry for weeks following the performance, and probably also see Joseph interacting with students from your school on his Facebook and Twitter.  With this college magician, the safe bet is also the smart bet – student and faculty administration alike will love the show and how easy it was to work with Joseph!

A background of improv and tons of audience participation make Joseph’s shows memorable, and no two are exactly alike!  Crazy stories of his experiences in film & television as an actor & stunt-double add fun debauchery to the mix – one look at his authentic Red Power Ranger helmet never fails to send crowds wild!  And while suggestive, Joseph’s shows are always “clean” – perfect for Family Weekends, Orientations, or extra credit if you bring a professor**.

Joseph currently offers a versatile ‘Basic’ version of the show, and a more multimedia-rich ‘Advanced’ version designed for theatrical settings, Joseph can bring his show to virtually any location you require.

*Fans have uploaded lots of mischievous photos and videos from Joseph’s college magic show to sites such as Youtube, Reddit, 9Gag, etc. 
** Extra credit depends on the individual sense of humor of said professor.

His show includes: 60 minute performance + teaser


Check Out His Video HERE