Kylan Road

Kylan Road is an L. A. based duo of rockers and songwriters made up James Paek (Vocals/Producer/Lyricist), and David Brunelle (Guitarist/Arranger/Producer). With soaring melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and artful musical production, Kylan Road brings a sound that is sincere and unafraid of theatrical and hard hitting moments. Kylan Road has worked with producers and songwriters of all different genres of music such as James Krausse, Adrian Alvarado, E. J. Songs, The Heavyweights, Marley Munroe, Je'kob Washington, and more. KR has the unique ability to capture the essence of an artist, and bring out the best through development, which results in songs that represent the artist while connecting them to a sound that can attract wider audiences.

 Check Out Their Videos: HERE -or- HERE -or- HERE -or- HERE.