Lea Beiley

Incorporating moody folk, and raw, honest lyrics in ways that recall Bon Iver and Daughter, Lea Beiley began as a singer-songwriter who primarily wrote and toured with her acoustic guitar. Being the kind of artist who is unafraid to blend the lines between genres, Lea has recently branched out to collaborate with long time friend and producer J. Roosevelt to experiment with a mellow electronic sound and follow her muse in a variety of different directions. Fiercely independent, Lea writes and records out of her home studio in Torrance, CA. She self released her debut EP “What Shines In The Summer” in February of 2014,

In the whirlwind of a year since her 2015 debut, "What Shines In The Summer", Lea has: 

  • Shared stages with Lisa Loeb, James Durbin, and Sophie B. Hawkins.
  • Turned down an offer from American Idol's producers to audition for the celebrity judges on their final season of the show.
  • Released a track with producer J. Roosevelt, which quickly gained enough attention to be picked up for redistribution by EDM.com. The song, titled"Subtract & Divide", charted at #3 on EDM.com's home page and has since skyrocketed past a total of HALF a MILLION plays across all streaming platforms (Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.)

...and she's done it all as an unsigned, independent artist. With inspirations ranging from Ani DiFranco to Drake to Bon Iver, Lea is a diverse young songwriter with a relentless commitment to building a career rooted in authenticity, honest talent, and raw human connection.


Check Out Her Video HERE and HERE