Lucid Optic Lab: Live Art With Danny Ebru & Chelsea Rose

California born artist Danny Rodriguez utilizes a diverse background of techniques to create his art. He is combining the loose form beauty of ebru with the hard line techniques of stenciling and screen printing. Ebru is the key element in Danny’s artwork. Danny studied ebru under master Reza Antoszewska, who taught him the traditional techniques of the Turkish fine art. Through his fascination with spiritual symbolism and geometry, he manifest images that reveal underlaying truths among the chaos of the kinetic forms that make-up his work.Danny personally hand paints the silkscreens, as well as hand cuts his stencils, and makes his own ebru papers. Danny is intentionally and mindfully creating art that enhances the quality of the lives it touches through its presence.

Chelsea Rose Rippel grew up on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, California immersed in an eclectic network of folk and outsider artists. Chelsea began her art instruction at the Venice Arts Mecca, a community based art program for local under represented youth. Now creating within her cozy home studio space located in Portland Oregon; Chelsea specializes in acrylic painting, pen and ink illustration, surrealist portrait photography and body painting. The nature of Chelsea’s art is highly psychedelic, often reflecting her fascination with ancient lore, mystical creatures, the sacred feminine, metaphysical and paranormal theory.