Menuhin Hart

Menuhin was the classic class clown that kept everyone smiling at school by pulling pranks on teachers and telling simple jokes. The school recognized his ability and asked him to perform as Chris Rock in his schools show honoring Black History Month. Even though he was encouraged to shoot for the life of a comedian in childhood, Menuhin decided to first become a Jack-of-All-Trades; dabbling in audio engineering, Dj-ing, computer IT, music production, cosmetology, and pizza making. He did not revisit the idea of comedy until 2009, when his life took some crazy turns that left him with a gaping creative void. He decided to leave everything he knew in Atlanta and return to his birth city: New York City. In the 2 short two years he's been back,  Menuhin made most impressive strides in the industry. Opening for Thomas Dale, a semi-finalist in NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity showcase and creating a reputation amongst NYC comics as one of the most respected and watched comics in the game. He perfects his art by working on his podcast and participating in a group sketch comedy mini-series. 

Check Out His Video HERE.