Our vision is to represent only the freshest, most EVO-lutionary talent when it comes to the college market. We LOVE what we do and are always on the lookout for incredible raw talent. 

If you feel like you would make a great asset to our roster, listen up:


  • AT LEAST one 5 minute, high quality video or link (3-5 different videos or links preferred*)

  • AT LEAST one high resolution professional photo

  • Up-to-date Bio (150-500 words)

  • Any other relevant info such as: articles, awards/nominations, "credentials", Why YOU?

E-mail ALL EPKs to: attention lc hartman at info@evocollege.com          


1. PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO "FOLLOW UP" (We make ALL decisions as a team, NO EXCEPTIONS) 

2. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging that we have received your materials. If you do not receive this e-mail within 24 hours, we didn't get it, then please resend materials.

3. If you fail to include ANY of the materials from the list above, we will take that as a sign of negligence in taking this seriously and you WILL NOT be considered. ("The 1st Impression is the ONLY Impression.")

4. If we feel like you are not a good fit, then we will be honest and let you know why. Not because we are cold-hearted jerks trying to be "dream crushers" but for constructive criticism. We know what it takes to "make it" in this market and we truly want to see you succeed, even if it's not with us. EITHER WAY, you WILL we receive a response with our decision within 1 week.