Shane Romero

Shane Romero, is an artist from Bed­Stuy Brooklyn. He's got a sharp tongue with his poetry. Shane started attacking venues like a set of flying knives at the tender age of 16 . His poetry is a reflection of his personal life, what he sees on a daily basis. In his writings he takes a direct shot, addressing issues of the inner city; race, violence, uphill battle of love, and his efforts of bettering himself. By a young age Shane achieved his dreams of being a full time spoken word artist. He was a member 3 national poetry slam teams and he’s completed several nationwide tours and was on the international tours. Shane continues to complete work with Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons. Shane will continue to bare his story and life on stage until the last word falls from his throat. "I want to speak for the unspoken."

Check Out His Video HERE or HERE or HERE